Dr Hazwan Gives Update On R. Dinesh and Halim Saari's Recovery Progress

The latest update on the recovery phase of the two Selangor FC players, Halim Saari and R. Dinesh who suffered from Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) last season during the league.

Halim suffered an ACL injury against Terengganu FC in the first round of the 2022 Super League and is his second ACL injury in his football career.

Meanwhile, R. Dinesh faced an ACL during a friendly match last year in October before the Malaysia Cup was resumed.

According to Dr Hazwan, Head of the Selangor FC Sports Science Department, Halim and Dinesh have given an excellent commitment throughout their recovery process and both have already started training individually on the field.

"Halim is now in the phase of strengthening his physical endurance which is more focused on ability and skills on the field. So, the rehabilitation process for him is focused on the aspects of 'power development', 'speedwork' and agility," he said.

"Dinesh is going through a rehabilitation phase that focuses more on the 'muscle control & activation' aspect. He is also responding well to rehabilitation exercises for muscle strength recently. This is the preparation before he starts running activities in the near future," he said.

The Selangor FC Sports Science Department, Dr Hazwan and first team physiotherapist, Marco Grimm will work hard to help and monitor Halim Saari and R. Dinesh in each phase of their rehabilitation until they manage to return to play with the team.

Selangor FC wish that Halim and R. Dinesh can continue to give their commitment to recover and be able to return to training with the team.

Further developments on the main team of Selangor FC will be updated and informed from time to time.

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