Terms and conditions

Red Giants Team Card 2022 (RGTC 2022) Terms & Conditions

  1. The membership price for renewal of existing membership (RGTC 2021 holders only) is RM20 while the new RGTC 2022 membership price is RM25. New memberships are for those who have never registered with the RGTC program before or for those who did not renew their RGTC 2021 membership last year.
  2. Registration and purchase of RGTC 2022 membership can only be made online at selangorfc.com only. The 2022 edition membership card will only be sent by post/courier to the registered address only.
  3. RGTC 2022 is valid for use throughout the 2022 season (15 January 2022 to 30 November 2022). Holders of Team Card 2021, need to renew membership to enjoy the benefits and benefits of RGTC 2022.
  4. The new 2022 edition membership card will be given to new member registration (RM25) as well as for renewal membership (RM20).
  5. RGTC 2022 members will be able to enjoy discounts on the purchase of official Selangor FC items from 15 Jan 2022 until 30 November 2022.
  6. RGTC 2022 members must display the 2022 edition membership card physically for each purchase at the partner’s store or premises to enjoy special discounts and special offers.
  7. This RGTC 2022 membership  is not transferable or resold.
  8. Holders of  RGTC 2022 are  required to agree to the terms and conditions of the official partner of RGTC.
  9. Selangor FC  will not be responsible for the loss, damage or theft of the RGTC 2022 membership card. In the event, the owner shall report directly to the Selangor FC and repurchase membership card RGTC2022 for RM20.
  10. Selangor FC reserves the right to cancel or reject this membership application if the applicant is involved in fraud or misuse of the RGTC 2022 program.
  11. Holders of RGTC 2022 can also email directly to teamcard@selangorfc.com for any further info.
  12. SFC reserves the right to change the RGTC 2022 holder benefits as well as the terms and conditions without any prior notice.
  13. For more information on promotions offered by official RGTC partners, RGTC 2022 holders can refer to the official website selangorfc.com on the Team Card tab.


RGTC 2022 Referral Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Holders of RGTC 2022 who successfully refer to the purchase of a new RGTC membership will receive RM 5 cash for each new membership registration (renewal of existing RGTC 2021 membership does not count).
  2. Cash redemption for the “referral” system can only be made when the RGTC 2022 holder manages to collect at least RM50 in the wallet.
  3. The redemption process will take 7 working days and will be charged a transaction charge of RM2.65 for each withdrawal transaction according to the terms that have been set.
  4. The amount of cash collected through the RGTC referral program will not be forfeited as long as the RGTC membership holder renews it annually. The amount of cash accumulated will only be forfeited if the RGTC membership is not renewed in a particular season/year.


RGTC 2022 Reward Points Program Terms & Conditions

  1. Every purchase of Selangor FC official items at a value of RM1 will be given 1 reward point for free.
  2. Holders of RGTC 2022 who scan the QR code after purchase at any of RGTC’s official partner premises will also receive 10 free reward points.
  3. The accumulated reward points can only be redeemed at the official store Selangor FC (Official Store) only.
  4. Accumulated reward points cannot be exchanged for cash such as referral program.
  5. The amount of reward points accumulated through RGTC will not be forfeited as long as the RGTC membership holder renews them annually. The amount of reward points accumulated will only be forfeited if the RGTC membership is not renewed in a particular season/year.