Selangor FC Launches RG Care Foodbank Initiative To Aid Supporters

Selangor Football Club today would like to announce the launch of RG Care Foodbank, an initiative to channel food aid and goods to the people and families of Selangor who are affected by COVID-19 pandemic.

This is part of the efforts of Red Giants Care, an entity founded to carry charity work (CSR) of this football club, particularly in helping the underprivileged community. This effort is also supported by the cooperation of several official Red Giants partners, Selangor players and the club's NGO partner.

RG Care Foodbank is a fundraising program that provides food items and basic necessities to be placed in food banks at selected locations around Shah Alam; Shell Section 9, Shell Section 17, Shell Sri Muda 2, Shell TTDI Jaya and Petron Section 18.

Nearby residents who are in need of help can come over to these locations to pick up the aid provided here for free from July 10 until August 10.

According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon, the RG Care Foodbank program is initiated because SFC believes that it is also one of the club's priorities and a shared responsibility for us to help those in need.

"Among our vision and mission at Selangor FC is to establish a closer relationship with supporters and residents of Selangor by also understanding the difficulties they go through, especially the less fortunate".

“Currently, many are affected and unable to earn a living due to the pandemic. With the launch of RG Care Foodbank, we hope that it will help ease some of the difficulties they face.” explained Dr. Johan.

This program is the second program for Red Giants Care this year after launching Infaq Tilapia Program, a donation fund that provides meals in the form of freshly cooked tilapia to several old folks' homes, tahfiz centers and selected orphanages in the state of Selangor last Ramadan.

For supporters or corporate who are interested in donating to the RG Care Foodbank program, you can donate in the form of basic aid and goods at selected food bank locations or you can also channel donations in ringgit to

We hope that this effort can encourage more people to join in helping the less fortunate and underprivileged communities in their respective areas.

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