Injury Plagued Red Giants Seeks Young Blood To Bounce

Selangor FC will resume their fight in the second round of the Liga Super 2021 tonight by traveling to the Stadium  Bandaraya, Penang tonight against Penang FC.

Karsten Neitzel, Head Coach of Selangor FC wants to continue to give opportunities for the young players to shoulder their responsibilities on the field and bring out the Red Giants’ aura against The Panthers tonight.

"For me, we have to keep looking forward to bounce back from past defeats. Even though we lost some key players recently, I don't want to make it an excuse but I'm sure this is the time to give chances for the young players to play and give them more experience," Karsten commented.

"So far, the young players from the development team (Selangor FC 2) who have been brought up to the main team have added a new aura to the Red Giants. I believe they will be more mature to play on the highest stage of the M League after the senior players mentored them a lot throughout the season," he added.

"However, the most important aspect now is to keep a good mentality from the kick-off until the final whistle. Preparations have been made before we traveled to Penang yesterday. I want them to give one hundred percent and do their best to bring home full points from Penang," Karsten said.

According to Karsten, after analyzing the match against Penang FC, the Selangor FC coaches have planned several strategies to be used tonight to give the best match.

As for the players' availability, Selangor FC could not list two imported players; Safuwan Baharudin (concussion) and Tim Heubach (ankle injury) until they were fully recovered and completed their physiotherapy session.

Meanwhile, three other Red Giants, Halim Saari (ACL), Shahrel Fikri (ankle injury), and team captain Brendan Gan are still undergoing rehabilitation sessions with Selangor FC physio and are expected to be out until the end of this season.

The current position of the Red Giants in the Super League 2021 is at 5th place with 20 points accumulated as a result of five wins, five draws, and five defeats.

The victory in Penang will foresee Selangor FC to close the gap with The Panthers who are currently at the fourth position in the league with 5 points apart.

Hopefully, three full points will be brought home by Selangor FC tonight. Come on you, Red Giants!

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