Development Update of Selangor FC 2 For The New Season

Selangor FC 2 is a feeder team of the Red Giants that was established in 2020. The young talents start at the age of 17 and above who are ready to be given exposure in the Premier League (Malaysian division 2).

The objective of establishing this feeder team is to develop young talents for the main squad of Selangor, provide a better platform to highlight new talents, besides ensuring the survival of the club for the long term.

Several Selangor FC 2 players have been promoted to the main team such as Sharul Nazeem, Aliff Haiqal Lau, Danial Asri, Mukhairi Ajmal, Zikri Khalili and Sikh Izhan. They are seen to have made a good impact with senior players in the 2021 season.

As is well known, the two main players of the Selangor FC 2 team of the 2020-2021 season, namely Harith Haiqal, the team captain playing in the position of central defender, and Azrin Afiq, left defender became the second batch to successfully list their names with the 2022 main team.

The Selangor FC 2 lineup retained 20 players, including four import players last season to face the 2022 Premier League competition as well as the entry of seven new young players from Akademi Mokhtar Dahari (AMD).

The team will also be coached by a combination of local coaches and led by the legendary Red Giants, Rusdi Suparman. He will be assisted by an experienced young coach who has been with the Red Yellow camp for nine years and once led the Selangor FC first team to the 2018 FA Cup final as head coach, Nazliazmi Mohd Nasir and among the AMD team coaches who have won competitions in Holland and German, Khushairi Abdul Wahab.

More interestingly, among the other big names who will line up the Selangor FC 2 coaching staff next season is Shuhaimi Abdul Hamid, the goalkeeper coach who was with the 2017 Presiden Cup champion and 2018 FA Cup runner up. He has coached Norazlan Razali, Khairulazhan Khalid, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat, Yazid ahmad, Badrul Zaman, Zamil Selamat, Haziq Ridwan, Sikh Izhan and Firdaus Irman. Apart from that, Mashiedee Sulaiman, the former fitness coach of the under 22 national squad who also traveled in the Vietnamese league.


GOALKEEPER: Aqil Fadhly (24), Alim Al Amri (20), Syahmi Adib (19)

DEFENDER: Iqmal Ramlan (21), Jordan Ayimbila (21), Izzul Adham (20), Faiz Amer (19), Alif Farhan (18), Daniel Edzuan (18), Fakrul Fareez (18), Izrin Ibrahim (18),

MIDFIELDER: Syazwan Salihin (24), Saiful Iskandar (23), Alex Agyarkwa (22), Sharvin Selvakumaran (22), Khairul Naim (22), Hein Htet Aung (21), Saravanan Thirumurugan (21),  Fahmi Daniel (20), Azannis Adzri (19), Haziq Zaki (19), Aliff Izwan (18), Nabil Qayyum (18)

FORWARD: George Attram (22), Nazrin Nasir (19), Khairi Suffian (19), Abdul Rahman (18)

Note: *(xx) age in the year 2022

Selangor FC hopes that the feeder team can continue to give a positive impact to the Selangor football industry, especially in terms of grassroots development as well as strengthen the transformation of the club as a whole.

Demi Kebanggaan!