SFC Pre-Season Update

The main team of Selangor FC is currently undergoing a Training Camp in Pahang for six days.

This is an initiative implemented with the consent and encouragement from the management to create stronger bond between the coaches, players and officials before facing the 2022 season in March.

According to Michael Feichtenbeiner, Head Coach of Selangor FC, this Training Camp will focus on training sessions with the addition of several team activities to create unity in the team.

"This preseason training camp will focus on training sessions and team building activities only. Therefore, no friendly matches will be held,”

"Players have been scheduled to undergo two training sessions every day throughout the program. It is to help the fitness of the players and practice tactics as well as refine the pattern of Selangor FC's game especially in attack and defense that will be used during the league,"

"Apart from training sessions, players also do team activities to strengthen their relationship, especially to help new players adjust to the team," he said.

"I am very happy with the facilities that have been provided such as a very comfortable five star hotel, the food provided is also nutritious and a good training ground throughout this Training Camp," he said.

The management hopes that this Training Camp will help unite and harmonize the Selangor FC team in preparation for the upcoming Malaysian League season. 

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