LS3 Match Review : Selangor FC vs Negeri Sembilan FC

Selangor FC added one point in the Super League 2022 match against The Jangs at the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium, Paroi, Negeri Sembilan last Tuesday.

There are several important things that can be highlighted in that match despite playing with 10 players since the 22nd minute after the match referee showed a red card to the defender, Yazan Al-Arab.

Alex Agyarkwa, the team’s young import player displayed an impressive game in the middle of the team

This small player has done almost all the work in the middle to help the team in terms of defense and attack after Yazan was unable to continue the fight together. The skills of this midfielder especially in controlling the ball, forming creativity in the middle of the park and defending well became one of the main weapons of Selangor FC in this match.

Alex is the third young import player of the Selangor FC 2 team who managed to penetrate the main team in his first year with the Red Giants camp.

Shahrel Fikri's brilliant performance helped the forward

The presence of Shahrel Fikri (Eky) in the starting lineup was very helpful to the team, especially in the attack. He has excelled with strong forward runs in attack, always in the right position to receive the ball as well as making two dangerous attempts in this match. Even though he was unable to play in full yesterday, as long as he was on the field with the team, Eky displayed his skills very well.

Quentin continued to perform well as soon as he returned from the Malayan Tigers call

Significant obstacles made by Quentin Cheng have helped the team survive with 10 players until the match whistle park. In addition, he has also made cross passes that have helped the attacking machinery in attacking. Here it can be seen he has defended and attacked well as a senior defender.

Selangor FC hopes the team of the above good things can continue to be applied in the next match. Come on Red Giant!

Demi Kebanggaan!