LS6 Match Review : Terengganu FC vs Selangor FC

The team will step up the game for the next match against Sri Pahang FC after having to return empty-handed in the match in Terengganu yesterday.

However, Selangor FC Head Coach, Michael Feichtenbeiner agreed and accepted the defeat but he also wanted to continue to defend his men who had given their best in the match.

"I'm sure we started the game well. The team was able to create some chances although not many and overall I think in the first 20 minutes we dominated the game. However, we needed good momentum to win but Terengganu FC's first goal definitely killed the team spirit.

The entire Selangor FC team is responsible for every opportunity that is not used well in this match. We don't use it to win. Apart from chances, Terengganu FC's second goal is definitely something I'm sure isn't a penalty. Since I took on the responsibility of explaining what happened with last night’s defeat, I believe the individual in charge should also explain something to us with the decision he made,” Michael said.

Michael also said the team wants to continue winning but in life especially there are ups and downs. I’m sure the team was in a good mood before yesterday’s game but we have to accept what happened today to bounce back.

For us (Selangor FC team) at this time we failed and felt very disappointed but I emphasize to the players, now it is up to us to trust ourselves and the team before the next match. If we try, the sun will shine again.

Selangor FC hopes that the team can rise for the last match of the April Super League next week. Keep up the Red Giants' fight!

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