LS2 Match Review : Selangor FC vs Sri Pahang FC

Selangor FC managed to grab three full points against Sri Pahang FC Kelana Jaya before closing the curtain on the Super League 2022 competition for this month at the MBPJ Stadium last Friday.

According to Michael Feichtenbeiner, Head Coach of Selangor FC, the team has given their best for this match, “I admit, before the match, our players were a bit depressed because of the defeat they suffered before. Still, I'm happy with what they showed because it's clear we've dominated the game since the starting whistle blew, "he said.

Some interesting actions in the #SELSRP match became the main factor for Selangor FC to get three points:-

1. The dominance of the middle part of the team is the result of a combination of two young players from Selangor, Mukhairi Ajmal and Alex Agyarkwa.

That night, Alex Agyarkwa was named the Man Of The Match (MOTM) of the Selangor team. He and Mukhairi Ajmal have stabilized the midfield as they take turns performing their respective responsibilities both from attacking and defending. Alex played a lot, especially in breaking the opponent's attack while Mukhairi helped a lot in attacking with the front line of the team. As a result of the hard work of these two players, they have each booked a name as goal scoring assistants that night.

2. The Brazilian duo's coupling stings again

Herlison Caion and Hyuri Henrique played brilliantly in the #SELRP match where they seemed to take turns attacking. One will be in front and the other will be the back up in the attack done. The understanding between them has helped the team in making many attacks. Thus, both of them managed to score personal goals in this match, Caion in the 38th minute and Hyuri in the 52nd minute.

3. Dangerous right and left defenders

Quentin Cheng has performed very well in this match. Even though he is in a defensive position, he helps the attacking side a lot with quality passes. His craft in attacking has helped the team in scoring. Meanwhile, Fazly Mazlan showed good action, especially in terms of defending on the left side of the team. He did not give the slightest chance for the Sri Pahang team's import player, Hidalgo to pass him.

4. Hein Htet Aung showed off his brilliant performance

Hein is quite known for his high work-rate on the field, always showcasing his outstanding performances and it is included in this match. The runs he has done have helped the team a lot in attacking. He is also always in the right position in every attack. Praise should be given to him.

5. Khairulazhan take the responsibility

After a long time, Khairulazhan returned to be the team captain in this match. He is one of the most respected senior players in the Red Giants camp. His leadership to some extent has helped the team to perform well that Friday.

However, praise should be given to all the players who have worked hard to play that night as well as the line -up of coaches and officials. This victory will not be possible without the cooperation of all parties.

Selangor FC is very proud of the team's achievements and expects this good momentum to continue until the end of the season. Congratulations Red Giants!

Demi Kebanggaan!