LP8 Match Preview : Selangor FC 2 vs Kelantan FC

The young players of the feeder team, Selangor FC 2 have so far played six Premier League 2022 matches since the start of the season.

Selangor FC 2 is now in sixth place in the 2022 Premier League competition with nine points accumulated from two wins, three draws, and one defeat. Read the latest team developments here.

The team's head coach, Rusdi Suparman did not deny that he hoped for better results but he accepted the fact that this young team needs time to reach the target.

"I cannot deny being at the top of the Premier League table is every head coach's ambition. Right now we’re in sixth place, what I can say is that we should be in a better place but probably due to lack of experience and not taking our chances to score, we missed some golden opportunities to improve the team position.

As the head coach, especially in handling the team's development, I don’t expect just one individual but the coaching staff and I will work together to help each of these young players to get ample opportunities to further showcase their talents.

For them to mature on the field, it is a work in progress and will take time especially when they are playing with their age group and the same level of experience within teammates," said Rusdi.

However, Rusdi said that he and the other coaches continue to believe that these young players will strive to break Kelantan FC's winning record this Sunday. He is confident that this will 'boost' the spirit of the young talents. Buy match tickets at:

Selangor FC wishes the team success and hopes that this development project will succeed in producing quality players for the future of the club and the Malaysian football scene.

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