Updates : Selangor FC

Selangor FC has conducted a series of friendly matches to strengthen the team during the break given to give way for the national team to play.

According to Head Coach Michael Feichtenbeiner, the friendly match was held to give the players who had fewer minutes of the match a chance to get the rhythm of the game with the team.

"We (coaches) try to make use of the time available to give the opportunity to play to the available players as well as to test their fitness, especially players who have not played for a long time due to injury factors such as Halim, Brendan and Aliff Haiqal.

In addition, several Selangor FC 2 players have been called to train with us. This is a good exposure for them to play with the existing senior players. As a result, Izwan Yuslan will continue to develop with the main team alongside with other young players, "said Michael.

Michael has also given a break to the under -23 national players while waiting for the national senior players to return next week.

"There is still a week left before the league kicks off again. So, I gave the under-23 national players a few days off because they have participated in two tournaments in a row. This helps them get back refreshed and get enough rest before returning to action.

I also expect Khairulazhan Khalid, Safuwan Baharudin, Baha 'Abdelrahman, and Yazan Al-Arab to return to training with the team next week. In the meantime, we only make do with the existing players, "he added.

The Red Giants will resume Super League action against Sarawak United FC on June 19 after a long break of about two months due to the league break.

Selangor FC hopes that the team has made thorough preparations to play for the badge on the chest before the kick-off soon. Come on Red Giants!

Demi Kebanggaan!