Updates : Safuwan Baharudin To Take A Long Rest

Selangor FC’s Medical Department has agreed to give Singapore-born player, Safuwan Baharudin a long break based on the advice of several neurosurgeons to ensure he gets the full attention and medical needs to aid in his recovery and rehabilitation from his injuries.

In early May 2021, Safuwan had to leave the pitch to receive treatment after suffering a cerebral concussion against PJ City FC in the Super League 2021 following a blow to the head after colliding with an opposing player. Safuwan returned to the squad for full training as usual after his rehabilitation phase. However, he suffered several more series of injuries to his head during the league matches and training sessions, between the period after he recovered from his first injury until recently. 

Unfortunately, Safuwan suffered another knock to the head during the match against Sabah FC and consequently affected his previous head injury. 

According to the diagnosis and based on the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) clinical examination performed immediately after the match, he was confirmed to have suffered an injury to the brain or the specific term is 'mild traumatic brain injury'.

Following the results of the MRI examination, the Selangor FC Medical Department and several neurosurgeons have agreed that Safuwan will need to undergo a long rest period to allow his brain injury to undergo proper recovery before returning to a graduated rehabilitation treatment program.

The loss of Safuwan for this indefinite period will definitely be felt by the team because of the leadership qualities and his influence on the other players, especially the young players, on and off the field.

Selangor FC hopes all parties can give him space during this recovery process of his and pray that he will fully recover soon.

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