Selangor FC Announces Collaboration With Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad

Today Selangor Football Club (FC) is pleased to announce its collaboration with Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad that has been established since July 1983 mainly to help the financial needs of Malaysians.

This collaboration sees Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, together with Visa and Selangor FC, offer a new exclusive design of the Debit Card-i. Bank Islam Visa Selangor FC Debit Card-i is specially designed for all supporters of Selangor Football Club.

The launch ceremony for the new design of the Bank Islam Visa Selangor FC Debit Card-i was held on 30 July 2022 at i-City Center Court. It was officiated by the Group Chief Business Officer Retail, Mr. Mizan Masram together with the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon. Also in attendance was Mr. Zamree Mohamed, Group Chief Business Officer Retail of Bank Islam.

According to Bank Islam Group Chief Business Officer Retail, Mr. Mizan Masram "We are very pleased to collaborate with Selangor FC for the new look of the 2022 Selangor Football Club exclusive Debit Card-i. 

"This is part of Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad's strategy to collaborate with leading brands such as Selangor FC in offering additional value to Bank Islam customers. Bank Islam offers its own card with attractive benefits and exclusive card design to Selangor FC supporters.

"In addition, Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad is committed to promoting cashless transactions in Malaysia and the 'co-brand' debit-i card is one of the strategies to encourage the younger market segment to have more cashless experiences by using Visa Bank's debit-i card Islam,"added Mr. Mizan.

The CEO of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon, also expressed his gratitude to be collaborating with Bank Islam.

"Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad has partnered with Selangor FC this time to create an exclusive new look for the Selangor FC Debit Card-i specially for the Red Giants supporters. This also opens up opportunities for the local and international companies in any field to collaborate with the local football clubs because our football industry is quite close to Malaysians," explained Dr. Johan.

"Selangor FC will do everything possible to repay the trust given. This collaboration also clearly proves that football is still relevant as a platform to share expertise with each other," added Dr. Johan.

Selangor FC once again would like to express our gratitude to Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad and hope that this cooperation can be a stepping stone that will open the path for other companies in Malaysia, especially in Selangor, to explore and collaborate with the Red Giants.

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