Nidzam Jamil Hopes For Everyone To Unite

Nidzam Jamil, was announced as the Interim Head Coach of Selangor FC on the 9th of August to continue this season's Malaysia League matches, taking over the role left by Michael Feichtenbeiner.
"As soon as I was informed that the club had chosen me to continue as the team's Head Coach, at that time honestly, it felt like a massive challenge. However, I gladly accept this responsibility," said Nidzam Jamil.

According to Nidzam Jamil, he hopes that by taking on the responsibility, all parties will board this one big ship to strive for success together.
"This is a new situation for me because this is the first time I am taking over the team in the middle of the season. This responsibility is very important for the Club and the supporters, not for me. I am a nobody, I just grew up here, became an academy coach, played for this team and at one point, I was also a ball picker in the Selangor team's final match years ago. So, I will take this opportunity to provide the best of my abilities for the team.

"I didn't make many changes but there must have been some additions that will happen. I believe the players have given one hundred percent in every training session since my first day here but the results were not in our favor, so our task now is to get closer to achieving better results than before," he said.

At the same time, Nidzam also felt that the support of the Red Giants supporters was very valuable and hoped that they could stick together and support the team in this journey.

"For me, as long as the fans react to the team, it's a good situation because without them we are nothing. I really hope the management, the players, the officials and the fans unite in this one big ship to help steer the team to be at a better level than before," he hoped.

Tomorrow, 17th of August 2022, the 17th Super League match against Terengganu FC will be Nidzam Jamil's first match as the Interim Head Coach of Selangor FC. Any further information regarding the match will be announced on Selangor FC's social media page. Get #SFCTFC tickets here.
Selangor FC gives full confidence to Nidzam Jamil to manage the Selangor team until the end of this season.
Good luck, Coach Nidzam!

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