Selangor FC's 'Home' Jersey Themed With Shah Alam Stadium Memories

Selangor FC's 'Home' Jersey Themed With Shah Alam Stadium Memories

Selangor FC is pleased to announce the launch of the Home jersey for the new season 2023. The home jersey for the 2023 season, specially designed for the Red Giants fans, takes inspiration from the iconic Shah Alam Stadium, capturing all the history and beautiful memories throughout its 28 years of existence.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon explained that the selection of Shah Alam Stadium as the theme of the 2023 Red Giants Home jersey was because it symbolizes the spirit of togetherness and the strength of the Selangor people and team until now.

"The greatness and history of the Club's achievements in this stadium is very valuable and difficult to match. After various discussion sessions were held, the state government finally decided to redevelop the Shah Alam Stadium through the Shah Alam Sports Complex Development Project. Therefore, we feel that this is the best time for us to immortalize the memory of this stadium and concurrently make this moment a starting point to kickstart a more glorious new chapter for the team and the state of Selangor."

"Therefore, we took the initiative to choose Shah Alam Stadium as the main theme of the 2023 Home jersey by incorporating the iconic elements of the stadium's infrastructure into this jersey. The Last Salute or ‘Tabik Terakhir’ is a message of respect and appreciation to the history and memory of the stadium before transitioning to the new Shah Alam Sports Complex," said Dr Johan during an interview with Selangor FC Media.

The use of red as the main color of this jersey was maintained to display the symbol of courage, strength and high spirit of the team. In addition, the color 'sand' was used as the secondary color, because sand is one of the components of concrete which forms the foundation and the facade of Shah Alam Stadium.  

The use of the outside viewpoint of the Shah Alam Stadium shape is placed as the main symbol on the back, while the front viewpoint of the stadium is applied to the collar and sleeves of this jersey. The tag label on the right side of this jersey is the coordination of the stadium's position where various memories were created and was Selangor’s battle ground. 

Furthermore, the wave motif that is embossed on the jersey is based on a square pattern containing the word SELANGOR taken from the fans' seats at the Shah Alam Stadium which is quite iconic among Selangor and Malaysian football fans. This is also symbolic of the roaring cheers of the supporters who are always behind the team.

Get the 2023 home jersey at the ‘Hari Jersi Selangor’ event tomorrow starting at 10am at SACC Mall, Shah Alam. There are several activities at the event including a Meet & Greet session with the new Assistant Coach of the Red Giants, Ramon Marcote and two import players who have been announced, Noor Al-Rawabdeh and Rauf Salifu, who will also be joined by a new import player that will be announced and introduced there. See you!

If you can’t make it to the event, you can purchase on the official site Come show your support for the Red Giants team!

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