Selangor FC Extends Partnership With Agym Nutrition Sdn Bhd

Selangor FC is pleased to announce its partnership with Agym Nutrition Sdn Bhd as its Official Sports Nutrition Partner. 

Agym has sponsored Selangor FC (SFC) since 2021, and this agreement extends Agym's commitment to SFC for the 2023 Malaysian League season.
Agym Nutrition Sdn. Bhd. is a leading manufacturer of halal sports food in Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam, for your information. JAKIM and the Malaysian Ministry of Health have certified food supplements that have been scientifically formulated by Agym Nutrition.
Agym Nutrition is a product that has been certified by an international laboratory and is recognised by the World Anti-Doping Agency, which makes it ideal for professional athletes. Titan Whey and Titan Mass are two of their best-selling products, and have been used in over 20 fitness centres in Malaysia and Singapore in the last year.
Mr. Abdul Hafiz, Chief Executive Officer of Agym Nutrition, stated that "Agym Nutrition is proud to remain a member of the Red Giants family. We are confident that this collaboration will help to develop and expand hydration products in the sports world, including improving the performance of Selangor FC players."
Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon, CEO of Selangor FC, expressed his delight at the opportunity to continue this collaboration. 

"Agym Nutrition is a product certified by an international laboratory and recognised by the World Anti-Doping Agency, as well as being a local nutrition brand trusted by more than 20 health and fitness centres throughout Malaysia. Selangor FC is proud to be able to continue working with this big brand," Dr. Johan explained.

"Their sponsorship has aided our Nutritionist department's work, particularly in providing Protein Shakes for Selangor FC players after every training and match, to encourage muscle gain and improve player performance and recovery, as well as helping to increase muscle mass during weight loss since the season 2021." 

Selangor FC would like to thank Agym Nutrition Sdn. Bhd. once more and hopes that the continuation of this cooperation agreement will open more doors for other Malaysian companies, particularly in Selangor, to become strategic partners of Red Giants.

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