Selangor FC U23 Focused On Winning The Upcoming Game

The Malaysian Football League (MFL) introduced the MFL Cup 2023 this season, a tournament specifically built for players under the age of 23 in order to provide them with game minutes and broad exposure in professional action.

The MFL Cup 2023 will feature 15 teams from Super League clubs as well as FAM-MSN Project sides. The teams are divided into two groups according to the draw, with Selangor U23 joining Kuala Lumpur City Extension, Perak FC II, Negeri Sembilan FC, Pahang FC, Kuching FC, and Kelantan FC in Group B.

The top four clubs from Groups A and B will advance to the Champions League, the second phase. The top two clubs in the Champions League will qualify for the MFL Cup Final for the first time.

So far, the Red Giants U23 squad has played two games. The following are the match results:

Selangor B23 (0-1) Kuala Lumpur City Extension

Perak FC II (1-1) Selangor B23

56' Haykal Danish

Selangor U23 currently sits fifth in Group B with one point and one goal after two games.

Faiz Amer, the team's captain, hopes that the new Selangor U23 lineup will help the team compete in the 2023 MFL Cup.

"I recognise that the team's current situation is not ideal, but this is an excellent learning opportunity for all of us. The previous two games benefited us in determining the team's strengths and shortcomings. We still have a chance to advance the club to the next round, and I have faith in my teammates,"

"This season, numerous new players have joined the team, the majority of whom are under the age of 18. Most new players are still adjusting during the first season, as I have previously experienced. Hence, as one of the squad's older players, I hope to help the team qualify for the Champions League round as well as the 2023 MFL Cup Final, Insha-Allah "Faiz was ecstatic.

The 2023 MFL Cup will continue this week as soon as the Merlion Cup ends yesterday. The schedule of matches until April is as follows:-


03/04/2023 - SRI PAHANG FC vs SELANGOR B23

12/04/2023 - SELANGOR B20 vs KUCHING CITY FC

14/04/2023 - SELANGOR B20 vs KELANTAN FC

Selangor FC Management anticipates that the Red Giants B23 squad would work together to achieve the best results possible in the MFL Cup's inaugural season. Red and Yellow, come on!

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