Club Official Statement

Selangor Football Club (“Club”) is aware of a post that is being circulated on social media and subsequently reported by mainstream media outlets, containing allegations about the salary of an individual within the Club. 

The Club wishes to put on record that the contents of the social media post are categorically false and defamatory. The Club does not employ any individual with the scale of remuneration as alleged in the social media post. 

The Club strongly condemns the dissemination of false and damaging information on social media intending to create unrest and destabilize the Club, more so whilst hiding behind a veil of anonymity. Given this, the Club will be taking all necessary legal action, including but not limited to filing reports with the Royal Malaysian Police, Ministry of Communications and Multimedia and other relevant authorities. 

The Club takes this opportunity to reassure our fans and supporters that the Club is on the right path and that the Club remains committed to our core values of integrity, transparency and fairness in building a strong and successful football club, both on and off the pitch. 

The Club shall have no further comment on this matter pending legal proceedings.