President Cup and Youth Cup Competition Seasons 2023 Restart

After a short break during the fast month, the President Cup and Youth Cup competition seasons 2023 restart.

So far, the Selangor under-20 squad placed first in the President's Cup Zone B, and the Red Giants' under-18 squad has clinched the Youth Cup Zone C. Both teams have six points thus far before the competition takes a break.

The following is the Selangor squad's President's Cup and Youth Cup schedule for the month of May 2023:-


03/05/2023 - SELANGOR U20 (0-1) KL CITY FC

10/05/2023 - SELANGOR U20 vs SABAH FC (UM Arena Stadium / 4.45pm)

17/05/2023 - SELANGOR U20 vs NEGERI SEMBILAN FC (UM Arena Stadium / 4.45pm)

24/05/2023 - KL CITY FC vs SELANGOR U20 (UM Arena Stadium / 4.45pm)


07/05/2023 - SELANGOR U18 (0-0) KL CITY FC

11/05/2023 - SELANGOR U18 vs SABAH FC (MMU Cyberjaya Stadium / 4.45pm)

20/05/2023 - SELANGOR U18 vs JOHOR DT FC IV (TBC / 4.45pm)

28/05/2023 - KL CITY FC vs SELANGOR U18 (MMU Cyberjaya Stadium / 4.45pm)

As previously stated, the Malaysian Football Association has made some adjustments this season, with each champion and runner-up from Zone A, Zone B, Zone C, and Zone D advancing to the next round in League 1 Group, with the top five teams advancing to the Quarter Final stage. Meanwhile, the remaining clubs will compete in League Group 2 for the top three spots in order to compete in the Quarter Finals.

Selangor FC's management believes that the club will work hard in the upcoming matches to earn full points and advance to the League 1 Group stage. Let's go, Red Giants!

Demi Kebanggaan.