Match Review LS21 | Kelantan FC 2-11 Selangor FC | Biggest Win Of The Season

Selangor FC brought home an important three points in the 2023 Super League match after winning 11-2 against Kelantan FC yesterday at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium, Kota Bharu.

Match statistics saw 55% possession, 28 attempts, 16 on target and 7 corners.

Head Coach of Selangor FC, Tan Cheng Hoe, breathed a sigh of relief seeing the fighting spirit of the players after conceding two goals in the first half.

"We saw the players show the best attitude after we conceded two early goals. It happened because we did not control the situation well," he added.

"Because of the quick reaction of the players to equalise the position, then we are more confident to score more goals. We can't consider the Kelantan team as the worst team. We have to always set the mentality to win against any teams," he stressed

"I didn't expect a big win but for the effort shown and as they’re playing as a team, we really need the win to be at the best rank," relieved Tan Cheng Hoe

From yesterday's #KELSEL match, some important things can be seen, such as:-

Red Giant Strikers Hat Tricks

Ayron Del Valle's second hat-trick at the Sultan Muhammad IV Stadium

Continuing to score goals for Selangor FC, Ayron has scored four goals in the #KELSEL match yesterday at the 41st, 44th, 63rd and 87th minutes of the game thus making it his second hat-trick in Kota Bharu in the Super League 2023. The four goals established Ayron as the top scorer in Super League so far. Ayron described the victory and his four goals as the result of hard work and training every day with his teammates.

Boakye-Yaidom's first hat trick

Selangor FC's new striker who joined the team in the middle of the season found his rhythm. Boakye managed to score a hat trick in this match in the 48th, 78th and 86th minutes and recorded two assists to Ayron Del Valle's two goals before the end of the match. This is his fifth goal with the Red Giants squad.

Head Coach of Selangor FC, Tan Cheng Hoe stated "It is not easy for Boakye to show his best performance at the beginning of the season but we can see tonight that he showed the best performance for the team. What is important is that he always works hard to improve in terms of understanding with his teammates,"

Faisal Halim added to the sting of the team

The absence of the local wing player, Faisal Halim to some extent was felt by the team and the supporters of the Red Giants. Faisal finally returned to action with his teammates in the Malaysian League after he was suspended for a month. Resisting the odds, he always makes sure he is at his best to perform. Once he entered, Faisal did not wait long to score two consecutive goals in the 50th and 53rd minutes.

The team captain added to his personal assist numbers

Brendan Gan managed to register his name as an assist for his team-mate's five goals in yesterday's match. The five goals were Ayron Del Valle's goal in the 41st minute, Faisal Halim's two goals in the 50th and 53rd minutes, and Boakye-Yidom's two goals in the 48th and 86th minutes. In total, Brendan has recorded eight assists for Selangor FC so far.

The Selangor U23 defender made his debut with the Gergasi Merah senior squad

Faiz Amer, one of the key players and also the team captain of the Selangor U23, was subbed in the 70th minute of the match to replace Quentin Cheng on the right side of the defensive line. Faiz has been with the Gergasi Merah club since 2021 with the Selangor 2 squad. He is also one of the defenders who has helped the national youth team lift the AFF U19 Cup trophy in 2022.

The management congratulates the team for being named Man of The Match for their excellent cooperation in yesterday's match. Hopefully the players continue to be consistent with their best actions for the next match.

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