Meet the New Faces: Selangor FC Women's Squad Adds Six Players For The 2023 Liga Wanita Nasional

The Selangor FC Women's Squad has signed six new players during the transfer window to strengthen the team for the second round of the 2023 National Women's League.

The six players are Noorasyeimah Rashid, Siti Khatijah, Har Amrit Kaur, Fatihah Norhisham, Nasuha Nasha, and Nurul Nuha. They are players who have experience in the Women's League, which is run in Malaysia. Here is a little introduction to these players:-

  1. Noorasyeimah Rashid

Age: 29 tahun

Position: Penjaga Gol

Experience: Liga Wanita KL 2023 & 2021, Liga FA Selangor 2021, VR League 2017, Piala Tun Sharifah Rodziah 2016

  1. Siti Khatijah

Age: 27 tahun

Position: RB/RW/LW/ST

Experience: FAS Women's Super League 2023, Liga Wanita KL 2023, Liga Wanita National 2022, and FAS Women's Super League 2021

  1. Har Amrit Kaur

Age: 21 tahun

Position: Penyerang

Experience: University Birmingham Women FC 2022

  1. Fatihah Anum

Age: 20 tahun

Position: Pertahanan

Experience: Liga Wanita KL 2023, Selangor FC 2022, Liga FA Selangor 2021, Piala Tun Sharifah Rodziah 2018

  1. Nasuha Nasha

Age: 20 tahun

Position Penyerang

Experience: Liga Wanita Nasional 2022, Liga Wanita FA Selangor 2021, Piala Tun Sharifah Rodziah 2019

  1. Nurul Nuha

Age: 15 tahun

Position: Pemain Tengah

Experience: Liga Wanita KL 2023, Liga Wanita FA Selangor 2021, Sekolah Sukan Negeri Selangor 2021-2022

Experience: KL Women's League 2023, Selangor FA Women's League 2021, Selangor State Sports School 2021-2022

The recruitment of these new players is part of our initiative plan for a stronger team in the second round of the National Women's League 2023, according to Selangor FC Women's Squad Head Coach, Rosni Abd Hamid.

"The Selangor FC Women's Squad is experiencing the loss of several key players, such as Liyana Soberi and Berlin Leong Xin Ying, who migrated abroad to play on a bigger stage. At the same time, after the first round, the coaches feel that some players need to be replaced to strengthen the team. Hence, we signed six players who also have their own experience in the Women's League competition in Malaysia. We are confident that they can provide a higher level of competition in the team to fight to be in the starting line-up."

"The second round will start soon, and we see their presence will help the team have a higher level of competition in the 2023 National Women's League. Most of them have also played in tournaments organised by the Selangor Football Association, such as the Selangor Women's League, which has a high intensity level and most high potential players are playing there. I hope the players can give everything from what they have learned throughout training and unite in finding victory in every game regardless of who the opponent  is."Rosni Abd Hamid's hope

The Selangor FC Women's squad currenly is in 4th place with six points accumulated from one win, three draws and one lost. Managed to steal a point against Kelantan United FC and Sabah FC become among the good achievements in the first round even though most of the players in the team are quite young 

The management of the Red Giants hopes that the Selangor FC Women's squad will continue to provide high competition for the second round of the 2023 National Women's League tournament and continue to perform brilliantly to increase competition in the Malaysian women's football scene.

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