Yoodo Red Giants | MPL MY Season 12 Wrap Up

From 5th-6th to top 3!

That was the recent achievement of the Yoodo Red Giants team in the 12th season of the MPL MY, where they successfully advanced to the Lower Bracket Finals before being defeated by Team SMG with a score of 3-2, securing the 3rd place in the tournament.

As widely known, the #RedGiants made a significant change for this season by bringing in three imports from the Philippines, namely Arcadia as the head coach and two players, Pancake and Super Red, to further strengthen the team.

At the end of the 6-week regular season, this team once again succeeded in securing 4th out of 10 teams, thereby locking in an upper-bracket slot as an advantage for the playoffs.

Midway through the regular season, the #RedGiants team brought in another player on loan from the Monster Vicious team, namely Super Nova. He plays a crucial role in the team as the 'Roamer' and made his debut in the playoffs when the #RedGiants found themselves in a 'Do or Die' situation after team Todak team secured a win in the first round of the match. 

Super Nova played a pivotal role in securing the victory by restoring the winning momentum and ultimately ending Todak's journey with a 2-1 scoreline. Super Nova was also named the MVP of the match.

Despite being brought in during a crucial moment, Super Nova remained enthusiastic and managed to showcase high-quality gameplay.

Super Nova firmly stated, "At that moment, I was indeed nervous because it was a crucial moment for the team, knowing that we needed to make a comeback, but at the same time, I was eager to be fielded and even more motivated to defeat the Todak team."

After 2 days of battling in the playoffs, the #RedGiants team ultimately lost 3-2 to the SMG Team, thwarting the RedGiant's goal of advancing to the Grand Finals. For the Mid-Laner, Super Zak, his team was on the verge of victory, but due to a few mistakes, the opposing team managed to make a comeback and secure the win.

Super Zak said, "For me, this is my best achievement. I've been eliminated from the MPL with my previous team before, then I returned with Yoodo Red Giants in the last season and secured a 5-6th place, and now we've achieved 3rd place. I'm still proud of this achievement."

In addition, the imported player from the Philippines, Super Red, was named 'The Best Gold Laner' this season when he was chosen for the 'Dream Team Awards' of the season. This was truly a source of motivation for Super Red as it was his debut performance in the Malaysian league, and he's only 17 years old. Congratulations to Super Red!

In conclusion, the #RedGiants has shown remarkable improvement this season, and the management believes that the team will continue to demonstrate maturity and resurgence in the upcoming competitions.

We would like to extend a million thanks to our fans who have been the strength of the #GergasiMerah team all season long. Please continue your unwavering support for the team. God willing, this team will rise again!

Demi Kebanggaan!