Back in Business: Red Giants in Training Session

Five Red Giants players, Brendan Gan, Faisal Halim, Quentin Cheng, Sharul Nazeem, and Mukhairi Ajmal, officially reported and went through a training session with other teammates yesterday.

According to Sharul Nazeem, Selangor FC's defender, the team wants to continue to focus on the last three matches in the 2023 Super League stage as soon as they return from Pestabola Merdeka.

"I am happy to be called up this time, even though we lost in the Pestabola Merdeka Final this time, we were able to learn from our shortcomings as well as our abilities. I hope there will be another chance for me to fight for the country."

"So far, in the planning of the coach's line-up, we will face a friendly match to maintain our fitness to face Perak FC in November," he added.

"Yesterday, the first day we returned to Merah Kuning camp, I saw that the team was still in good condition. We still compete healthily here. For me, we need to focus on the last three games to maintain our second place position in the 2023 Super League," said Sharul.

The Selangor FC squad still has three finals, #SELPRK (Nov 25), #KDASEL (Dec 2), and #SELPDRM (Dec 17) before the 2023 Super League closes.

The management hopes that the players will continue to maintain their fitness and give the best performances in the matches to take the club to a higher level.

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