Selangor FC Player Receives Ten Nominations in Anugerah Bolasepak Kebangsaan

Selangor FC has been nominated in ten nominations out of eight categories in the Anugerah Bolasepak Kebangsaan organised by the Malaysian Football League.

So far, the Red Giants' main squad is in second place in the Super League with 52 points accumulated from 17 wins, one draw, five defeats and three games remaining before the end of the 2023 season.

The list of nominations is as below:-

  • Coach of the Year - Tan Cheng Hoe: Official first season with the Selangor FC squad. So far, he has recorded 20 wins, two draws and eight defeats in all three competitions, Super League, FA Cup and Malaysia Cup 2023.
  • MFL Cup Player of the Year - Izwan Yuslan: This 19-year-old player is the top scorer (four goals) and top scorer (five assists) for the Selangor U23 squad this season, helping the team to become Group B Champions and end the competition in fourth.
  • Best Young Player of the Year - Harith Haiqal: Started his career with the Red Giants feeder squad in the 2020 season as the team's youngest defender then was promoted to the senior squad in 2021. Harith made his first appearance with the senior squad against Penang FC as a substitute player. This season he managed to make an appearance as a starting eleven player in 12 out of 13 games. In addition, as a defender, he has scored four goals, three in the Super League and one in the Malaysia Cup.
  • Best Import Player - Ayron Del Valle: The new import player of the 2023 season from the Colombia. He has scored 23 goals (21 in the Super League and two in the Malaysia Cup), making him the top scorer in the Super League so far. Ayron also managed to make five goal assists for the Red Giants squad.
  • Best Striker - Faisal Halim: Is the team's top local scorer with 11 goals. An individual who is especially important in mobilising and finishing the attacks. He has also made eight assists so far to help his teammates score.
  • Best Midfielder -

Brendan Gan: The captain who is always behind his teammates. Brendan is one of the most important individuals on and off the field, especially for young players. This season, Brendan has made an appearance as the starter in 25 out of 27 games. He has also scored three goals and made eight assists for the Red Giants squad.

Mukhairi Ajmal: Always making good progress from season to season, Mukhairi is officially the young captain of the Selangor FC squad this season. He was also the winner of the Best Goal in the National Football Awards last season. This season, Mukhairi has made an appearance as the starter in 20 out of 27 matches. He has also scored five goals and made two assists for the team.

  • Best Defensive Player -

Quentin Cheng: A young Gergasi Merah right defender who started his career with Selangor 2 in the 2020 season. He had time at another club before successfully making his debut with the Selangor FC senior squad in 2021. Quentin has made an appearance as a first-team player in 21 of 24 matches. He has also recorded four assists for the team.

Sharul Nazeem: Is the only Selangor FC development player who has played in all four teams, Youth Cup, President's Cup, Selangor 2 and the Red Giants senior squad. The young defender has made an appearance as a starting eleven player in 19 out of 22 matches. He has also scored two goals and made one assist so far.

Best Goalkeeper - Samuel Somerville: Started with the Selangor FC squad last season. He successfully made his debut against Sabah FC in the 2022 Super League. Samuel has made an appearance as a starting eleven player in 13 out of 14 matches. He has also recorded four clean sheets for the season.

According to Harith Haiqal, he considers this nomination as a motivation for him to work hard for his career and the team.

"Alhamdulillah for the nomination of the Best Young Player for this season. It is the first time I have been nominated after several seasons of playing with the Selangor FC senior squad. I consider this a new motivation for myself. I am grateful to be nominated, it is sure the result of hard work, the trust given by the coaching staff and the support from the senior players in the team that helped me to perform well this season," said Harith Haiqal, candidate for Young Player of the Year 2023.

The management of Selangor FC congratulates the candidates who represented the club in the National Football Awards.

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