Field Upgrades Before the 2024 Preseason Begins

During the Malaysian football off season, one of the priorities is to upgrade the assets and facilities at the SFC Training Centre, particularly the Red Giants camp's training pitch.

The renovation work began immediately after the season concluded on December 18 and continues till now. The management wants to guarantee that the training ground is of greater quality than it was last season. The goal of the work is to create a training field that allows the players to pass and dribble the ball more effectively.

The condition of the field that has been worn and torn after a long season in 2023 and training sessions conducted almost every day is the main factor in these improvements being made earlier. Fine work is being carried out to revive the soil and grass roots, aerating the ground to aid drainage, improving the pitch and ensuring the pitch can sustain extensive use before the 2024 pre-season begins.

The process of verticut has been done first to allow the grass to breathe better, absorb nutrients and thus help better water flow into the soil. Then, remove the clay part by means of 'hollow tining' and replace it with fine sand or 'fairway' to change the soil profile; this can promote softer soil and open enough space for drainage to flow.

Continued with the solid tine into the ground; to allow stagnant water on the field to dry more quickly during heavy rains and soil aeration. This process is very important especially when it rains heavily before the training session. This process makes it easier for the team to continue training sessions without having to worry about the condition of the field after rain.

Topdress and fertilising are the last steps of this improvement work. The work of covering the entire field with fine sand and fertilising is done to restore nutrients in the soil and can encourage the growth of new, healthy grass. This will ensure that the field is in top condition before the training session begins soon.

All the pitch improvement processes are carried out with the aim of perfecting the Selangor FC squad through pre-season training sessions and improving their performance for the 2024 season. Both pitches at the SFC Training Center are scheduled to begin operating on 5 February.

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