#BreakTheGlassCeilling | Selangor FC Women's Squad Gears Up for 2024

The Selangor FC Women's Squad officially began their preseason on January 8, immediately following the selection process on December 29.

The third year of the Selangor FC Women's Squad's existence appears to be progressing towards the aim of transforming the team into professionals, which has been planned since 2022. The first year of this squad is more focused on introducing and empowering the foundation of development, where rules are introduced, training sessions are conducted consistently with the guidance of a team of quality coaches, and extensive use of the SFC Training Centre facilities is made to achieve their true potential.

In 2023, in order to achieve the goal of bringing the Selangor FC Women's squad to a professional level, the emphasis on extensive player contracts and tiered salary structures began to be highlighted. In addition, branding and marketing were also implemented to bring in official sponsors such as TikTok and Extra Joss in an effort to raise the team's name. In addition, modern training approaches and planning based on sports science have also been applied, just like other teams in the Red Giants camp.

This season, the management emphasised several things in an effort to upgrade the quality of Selangor FC's female players as well as the Malaysian women's league. In line with the advantages and privileges they have received with this club, the coaching line has targeted at least three players to get the call of the first national women's senior team, such as Dian Aqilah, who was only 16 years old last season. Selangor FC also intends to continue producing players with high potential in the international market. Among the initiatives to achieve the two targets is collaboration with Selangor FA to compete in the FAS Women's Super League 2024 tournament, which will start on February 3, to increase the number of matches played by Selangor FC Women's squad players.

Chief Executive Officer of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon, takes the development of the Red Giants Women's squad seriously, saying, "The long-term program for the Selangor FC Women's squad is clearly carried out in stages. This is the third year out of five years of the Red Giants women's squad development program. From season to season, the management has introduced new structures to the women's team, such as the rules used, the daily training schedule, extensive use of facilities, special individual and team programs and a tiered salary structure implemented. The women players as a whole have received the same treatment and advantages as the Red Giants main squad in a gradual way. I hope that in this way, we can help the team and the Malaysian Women's League grow more rapidly, like in the abroad league,”

Below are the list of Selangor FC women’s player for 2024:

GOALKEEPER: Juliana Azwa (30), Noorasyiemah Rashid (30), and Affrina Natasha (22).

DEFENDER: Hamira Yusma (32), Hannani Adriana (29), Nornatasha Hassan (23), Eva Olivianie (23), Siti Nurfaizah (22), and Alia Nadhirah (15).

MIDFIELDER: Syafiqa Irisya (26), Ainsyah Murad (21), Aina Humaira (16), Qhaleesa Maisara (15), Aleeya Nazirah (15), Amesha Danya (14), and Dania Batrisya (14).

FORWARD: Hanis Azizan (32), Nurin Manan (21).

Note: *(xx) age in 2024


List of Selangor FC Women’s 2024 Officials list:-

Team Manager: Suzana Zakaria

Head Coach: Osmera Omaro

Assistant Head Coach: Felicia Adele

Assistant Coach: Hasrul Rahman

Goalkeeper Coach: Aizat Roslim

Team Doctor: Pranava Singham

Media Officer: Faris Luqman

Team Physiotherapist: Errina Ayunni

Team Nutritionist: Wan Hazirah

For information, the Selangor FC Women social page has been officially opened, especially for supporters to get the latest news about the team more easily and to enliven the atmosphere of the Red Giant Women's squad. Follow their social pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X.

Selangor FC will always look at developments and make the necessary changes to upgrade the Red Giants Women's squad. Hopefully, this effort can be used well by the team. May 2024 be a brilliant season for the Selangor FC Women's squad.

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