Osmera Omaro Officially Joins Selangor FC Women as Head Coach

Selangor FC has appointed Osmera Omaro as the new Head Coach of the Red Giants Women's Squad for the 2024 season. His hiring is part of the management's strategy to bring in an experienced person who can assist improve the quality of the women's squad.

His name is quite well-known, particularly among Malaysia's development squad. Osmera was the head coach of the U17 national team, who advanced to the 2023 U17 Asian Cup after winning Group B in the qualifying round in October of last year. Prior to his success with the National B17 squad, he coached Tunku Mahkota Ismail Sports School (SSTMI) in 2015-2016 and Mokhtar Dahari Academy from 2017 to 2023.

Half of the Selangor FC Women's squad this season is lined with young players who will be polishing their talents as early as 14 years old, most of them were chosen from the open selection conducted in December 2023. The experience possessed by the 45-year-old head coach’s expertise is expected to assist the Selangor FC Women's squad produce high potential players who are able to compete in the domestic and international markets.

According to Osmera Omaro, head coach of Selangor FC Women's team, I would utilise my experience to improve this team.

"I decided to continue my coaching career this season with the Selangor FC Women's squad since the management set necessary targets and had clear ambitions for this team. I've also received excellent assistance from the coaches and officials as of the moment I stepped foot in the SFC Training Centre.

"For the start, I am trying to emphasise the professional attitude that they need to have to be a  calibre player. This includes dedication to follow schedule according to the program provided as well as the regulations that have been set. I believe everything starts with a person's behaviour for them to be successful. In addition, I am also working to streamline the game and increase the level of tactical understanding to the players," said Osmera during an interview with Selangor FC Media team.

The Selangor FC Women's Squad will face the Women's Super League organised by the Selangor FA for pre-season preparations before the 2024 National Women's League kicks off.

Welcome, Osmera Omaro, from Selangor FC management. We hope that Osmera can occasionally aid in the advancement of the Red Giant Women's team.

Demi Kebanggaan.