Selangor FC Announces Yoodo as Sponsor of Red Giant Esports and Futsal Squad Season 2024

Today - 29 January, Selangor FC officially announced Yoodo as the official sponsor for the Selangor FC eSports and Futsal squad for the 2024 season.

This announcement marks the continuation of Yoodo's collaboration with Selangor FC after last year being the main sponsor of the Yoodo Selangor Red Giants (YSRG) eSports team and this time they will sponsor two teams which is the Selangor FC eSports and Futsal squad. As part of this partnership, the Yoodo brand logo will be displayed on the Selangor FC eSports team and the Futsal squad jersey for the 2024 season which they will wear in Malaysia Premier Futsal League (MPFL) season, which is scheduled to begin on February 17.

The announcement ceremony held at the Selangor FC Training Centre, Shah Alam, was witnessed by the Chief Executive Officer of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon and was also attended by Selangor FC Futsal Squad Manager, Mimi Afzan and Head of Yoodo, Chow Tuck Mun.

"Yoodo is not just a digital telco; we are a culture. By offering fully customisable mobile plans, Yoodo appeals to lifestyle aficionados who know exactly what they require to embody their authentic selves – the ball is truly in their court. Anchoring ourselves as the go-to telco for these dynamic individuals, Yoodo has been actively involved in a multitude of lifestyle-centric activities, including eSports and futsal. Our new alliance with Selangor FC Futsal affirms our belief in sports as a unifying force and our dedication to promoting active lifestyles in Malaysia. Additionally, the renewal of our partnership with Yoodo Selangor Red Giants emphasises our commitment to the team and the wider Mobile Legend Bang Bang (MLBB) community, as we anticipate future successes in the eSports arena. We eagerly support both teams and look forward to celebrating Selangor FC's triumph this year,” said Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo. 

"We are grateful and welcome Yoodo's presence in the Malaysia Premier Futsal League (MPFL) together with the Selangor FC Futsal squad. I am confident that this collaboration will help add value to the team and attract more new fans to the Malaysian Futsal scene. We are excited to receive a name big like Yoodo as a sponsor for this season. The Selangor FC Futsal squad will work hard to be the best team and achieve more success thus making the club and team sponsors proud," said Mimi Afzal, Selangor FC Futsal Squad General Manager.

Also expressing a sense of excitement, the Chief Executive Officer of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon believes the collaboration of two years in a row with Yoodo shows a positive progress in the partnership.

"Selangor FC is very excited about the announcement of the second year of collaboration with Yoodo. Not only have they continued their sponsorship, but Yoodo has agreed to sponsor two teams, the Selangor Red Giants Esports squad, and the Selangor FC Futsal squad for 2024. The success of the Yoodo Selangor Red Giants squad in finishing third in the overall ranking of the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) last season is one of the main reasons for the continuation of this collaboration. At the same time, the achievements of the Selangor FC Futsal squad which has won three editions of the Malaysia Premier Futsal League (MPFL) 2019, 2021 and 2022 has also attracted Yoodo’s interest in sponsoring the futsal team this season. This collaboration is an indication of the mutually beneficial partnership and trust that have been developed between Selangor FC and Yoodo in our first year," he said.

Selangor FC would like to take this opportunity to thank Yoodo for their continuous support and commitment towards the vision and mission of the club. May this partnership bring more successes and new heights for both organisations in the near future.

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