Three New Players Have Officially Strengthened The Yoodo Selangor Red Giants (Yoodo SRG) Team For The 2024 Season.

After the addition of Yumskie as a new player at the end of November last year, the #RedGiants team has now brought in three new players. These include John Vincent Banal, also known as Innocent, in the 'Gold Laner' position, Mark Genzon Rusiana, also known as Kramm, as the 'EXP Laner,' and a local player named Hazziq Danish, also known as Stormie, playing in the 'Mid Laner' position. The official announcement of these three players was made last Wednesday, marking them as part of the #GergasiMerah team for this year. 

They were selected after going through a trial process conducted by the coaching staff of Yoodo SRG, namely Arcadia and Ozoraveki, starting from November of last year. 

"Several names participated in the trial sessions with the team. However, these three have shown excellent performance, and I see each individual has their own credibility," said Ozoraveki. 

Innocent and Kramm are players from the Philippines, each having played in the MPL Philippines (PH) league last season. As for Stormie, he is a local player who has been playing in the professional MPL Malaysia (MY) league since the 9th season. Now, the #RedGiants team has two players for the 'EXP Laner' and 'Mid Laner' positions. 

"Stormie and Kramm's presence is to strengthen the 'Exp Laner' and 'Mid Laner' positions. It is good for creating healthy competition within the team," 

"With the complete lineup of players, I am delighted to see them come together and start forming a positive bond as a team. I believe this team will bring about a positive change from last season because each player comes from a different background and can contribute to shaping a strong team," said Arcadia. 

This is the preparation that has been undertaken by Yoodo SRG. On behalf of the management, we would like to extend a warm welcome to the new players and wish them success in facing the challenges of this season. 

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