Once A Red, #ForeverRed 2023

Selangor Football Club (Selangor FC) is sad to announce the departure of five more players whose contributions we truly value during their time with the Red Giants.

Every meeting ought to end with a goodbye. The ins and outs of footballers are just part and parcels of the football industry. The six players who will not remain with Selangor FC for the 2024/2025 season are Brendan Gan, Ayron Del Valle, Yazan Al-Arab, Boakye-Yiadom, Rauf Salifu and Zahril Zabri.

Below are the statistics of the #ForeverRed players:

Brendan Gan: Played with Selangor FC since the 2020 season, Brendan was the captain of the team that many of us respect. Four seasons with the Red Giants squad, he has made 80 appearances, scoring 14 goals and 12 assists for the team. 

Ayron Del Valle: 2023 turns out to be Ayron's first and only year with Selangor FC. At the beginning he faced communication problems but on the field language was not a barrier for him. According to Tan Cheng Hoe, Ayron is a player who always gives his best in every match. He never complains and always follow the coach’s instructions despite having extensive experience in his career. He took time to adapt to the Malaysian football scene, but due to his dedication to the team, Ayron managed to score 25 goals in 33 matches. His last goal in the 2023 Super League against Kedah Darul Aman FC ensured that he became the Top Scorer of the 2023 Super League as well as helping the team secure second place in the league and qualify for ACL 2 2024.

Yazan Al-Arab: Yazan, Jordan's national defender played in 4,176 minutes in 51 matches over two seasons with Selangor FC. A player with high spirits as soon as he steps onto the field. For the record, Yazan also managed to score four goals for the Red Giants before he had to leave Malaysia last September.

Boakye-Yiadom: The Ghanaian forward who joined Selangor FC in the middle of the 2023 season, Boakye managed to make 15 appearances in the Malaysian football scene and scored six goals while recording three assists before the league ended.

Rauf Salifu: Rauf is a young player who never gives up. Although he rarely gets minutes on the pitch due to the high competition in his position, this young striker always works hard. Among the things that are remembered, this Ghanaian player was a 'hero' in the 8th Super League match against Kelantan FC where he scored two goals in the 80th and 90th minutes and helped the team win after being introduced in the second half of the match.

Zahril Zabri: Zahril is one of the young players who successfully joined Selangor FC under the care of the late B. Satiananthan. He played for 82 minutes with the team before being loaned to Penang FC.

Selangor FC would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to all the players who have spilled their blood, sweat and tears throughout their time with the Merah Kuning team. We will always remember you. Good luck with your new team for the 2024/2025 season!

Demi Kebanggaan!