New #RedGiants Players Embrace Warm Welcome from Teammates

Selangor FC has announced five new players (#isRed), maintaining 26 players from last season  (#stillRed) and promoted four young players from the U23 Red Giants squad (#promotedRed) to strengthen the team for the 2024/2025 Malaysian League season.

Merah Kuning's training camp began on February 5 to help the players improve their fitness levels following their offseason weeks. The new players, Umarbek Eshmurodov, Ronnie Fernandez, Alvin Fortes, Azim Al Amin and Nooa Laine started training with their teammates a few days after they arrived in Malaysia.

Alvin Fortes was announced last February 4 and he is one of the new import players who has been attending training sessions since the beginning. According to him, "The teammates warmly welcomed the new players. This has helped me adjust faster with them. I will also do my best to get an understanding with the players and the coaching staff to help the club achieve its goals this season," after being asked about his progress with the team.

Apart from him, Nooa Laine, the new heritage player of the Red Giants also shared his feelings after a week of training with his teammates, "The first week of training with them went very well. They (the players) have made me feel welcome to be here and it didn't take me long to blend in with the team. Looking forward to the next few weeks.”

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The management is pleased with this good news and expects that the players will continue to help each other in strengthening the family bond at the Merah Kuning training camp.

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