The Selangor FC Development Squads Begin Training Sessions Ahead of The 2024 Season

The Selangor FC development squads, Selangor U23, U20 and U18 are actively training to prepare the team before the 2024 Piala MFL, Piala Presiden and Piala Belia competition begins.

This season, the development squads will also start the day later than last year. The Piala MFL will start on May 20th and end on April 15th, 2025. Meanwhile, the Piala Presiden will be on April 22th and the Piala Belia on April 18th. 

Despite that, Selangor FC's young players have actually started training since January 20th. The coaching staff of the Red Giants development squads has taken the initiative to ensure that the players' fitness is in a good level since the beginning of the season.

Just like the main squad of Selangor FC, the young Merah Kuning players also held preseason training outside of Selangor. The Selangor U23 and U20 squads will tour in Penang and the Selangor U18 in Perak. They will face several friendly matches and undergo the team building activities to build stronger chemistry among their teammates.

Selangor FC hopes that the Red Giants development squad will come to the Piala MFL, Piala Presiden and Piala Belia championships ready and achieved many successes for this season. Hopefully the coaches' initiative to hold team building and friendly matches before the competition starts will come with great results. Come on Red Giants!

Demi Kebanggaan!