Gear Up for MPL Malaysia Season 13

The Yoodo Selangor Red Giants (YSRG) squad continues to prepare to face the upcoming season 13, which will begin at the end of this month. 

The team recently underwent a 'Team Building' session in Janda Baik, which focused on strengthening and fostering positive unity among players, staff, and coaching staff. 

All activities were carried out not only to provide space for the team to rest from the 'Land of Dawn', but also to focus on activities that could shape and enhance relationships, communication, and cooperation within the team. 

Gojes, the Exp Laner of the YSRG team, expressed his excitement when seeing these activities greatly helping to strengthen the team for the upcoming season. 

"These activities are very helpful for us. I am very happy to see each individual in the team forming as one family even though they come from different backgrounds. The environment here also helps to be therapy for us because it is far from the city. 

 "In addition, I am also very excited to await the championship which will begin at the end of this month. We all know there will be many changes this season. It will be more interesting, and we are well-prepared for this season." 

While the team prepares for the 13th season, the management is confident that the 'Team Building' session has a very positive impact and is one of the necessary preparations to be done before the season begins. May all plans be facilitated. 

Demi Kebanggaan!