The Official Launch Of The SFC Away Jersey 2024/25 & The Latest 'ELITE' Edition

Selangor Football Club (Selangor FC) today launched the Away jersey for the 2024/25 season digitally on all official Selangor FC social media platforms.

Designed with the selection of yellow as the main color, this 2024/25 Away jersey symbolizes the excellence and confidence of the team last season that qualified for the AFC2 Champions League 2024. The touch of deep blue also shows the unity of the team to achieve success in the football arena 2024/25. Meanwhile, the white color which is symbolic of a new beginning, is in line with the changes and renewals that have been made to further strengthen the team for this season.

For the record, this is the first time Selangor FC chose yellow for the Away jersey under the auspices of Selangor FC Chairman, DYTM Tengku Amir Shah Ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj since 2019 and the last time the Away jersey in yellow colour was in the 2017, apart from used around the 1980s.

This jersey’s motif is inspired by the shape of the Selangor FC logo which is the 'Lambang Kebanggaan', also the main words that shows unity on the basis of love and pride for the team and supporters of the Red Giants club. In addition, the red and yellow stripes sewn on the back of the collar of this jersey have been inspired by the Red Giants supporters who are always the backbone of the team in providing strong support regardless of the team's ups and downs.

For the 2024/25 season, Selangor FC and Joma have come out with a new direction, introducing three types of collections namely Joma Elite, Replica (formerly known as 'Player Issue') and 'Fans Issue'. Leading the list of the highest 'tier', Joma Elite is produced using high quality and light fabric to maximize the comfort for the  players to perform in high intensity comfortably on the field. The Joma Elite collection is also designed with some differences, to differentiate the price of RM249 compared to the Replica RM149.

Among the differences in the Joma Elite Away jersey collection is the weaving shape of the Swinging Monkey Long Dagger and the Cork Hanging Dagger; inspired from the Selangor state coat of arms found on the Selangor FC logo. This weave is the main difference in this Away jersey because the weave is not present in the Replica and Fans Issue collections. In addition, the Selangor FC logo and Joma logo also use better materials than other collections. Next, a patch written 'ELITE' is placed on the lower left side of the jersey which is also one of the main logos of the Joma brand as a continuation of the five-year-old partnership between Selangor FC and Joma.

To produce this Joma Elite collection jersey, several processes have been done. Starting with the process of weaving keris using Joma's latest technology in a special factory manufacturing weaving techniques. Then, the fabric is sent to another factory that focuses only on dyeing, from white to yellow. Finished the dyeing process, then sent to the factory for the cutting and sewing process according to the appropriate pattern according to the player's size. Other than that, the production of logos, the Elite patch, collars and sleeves including tags on the shirts are produced in the same factory. Meanwhile, the packaging for each purchase of the Joma Elite collection has been specially designed in line with the quality produced for this collection.

Chief Executive Officer of Selangor FC, Dr Johan Kamal Hamidon said, "Alhamdulillah, we continue with Joma for this season. So, in conjunction with five years with Joma, we agreed to release a new collection called Joma Elite, something special for everyone. Today's jerseys are not only worn by players on the field and supporters while watching matches at the Stadium but can also be used as daily wear. Therefore, we are unanimous in releasing this 'Away' jersey in the month of Ramadan to give a special option to be used as a raya collection for Red Giants supporters."

The management of Selangor FC hopes that the Away jersey for the 2024/25 season, which has the theme of Pride, can inject a high fighting spirit among the players and supporters to bring success after success to Selangor FC in the Malaysian League and ACL2 2024/25.

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