Match Review LS2 | Selangor FC 1-0 Kedah Darul FC | 3 points For #RedGiants

Selangor FC's first victory in Super League match  2024/25 with a 1-0 result against Kedah Darul Aman FC at MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya yesterday.

Haiqal Lau's goal in the 85th minute brought victory to the team. He blasted the ball into the opposing team's goal as soon as he made a run into the penalty box, rocking the stadium with cheers from the Red Giants fans in the #SFCKDA match.

This is the first official victory for Nidzam Jamil after being entrusted with managing the team as Head Coach of the Red Giants. According to him, this victory is the result of the hard work of everyone.

"Congratulations to the players for this win. I'm thankful that in the second half, Haiqal Lau was in the box at the right time and scored our only goal last night. However, this win is the result of the hard work of all the players and their cooperation on the field,"

"Selangor FC is a big family, I'm sure the players have given their best after the situation that happened. We also wanted to give these three points to Faisal Halim and his family." He said.

From yesterday's #SFCKDA match, some important points are worth noting, such as:-

  1. Selangor FC 2024/25 debutants

Umarbek Ehsmurodov, defender of the Uzbek national team; new striker, Ronnie Fernandez; winger, Alvin Fortes; and midfielder, Nooa Laine made their First XI debuts with the Red Giants squad yesterday.

Not to forget, the young striker of the Jordanian national team, Reziq Banihani, who has displayed an impressive playing style in the second half even though he has only been with the Merah Kuning family.

  1. Haiqal Lau, Selangor FC's first scorer of the  season

The young player who became one of the important individuals who brought danger to the opponent with his advantage of scoring goals especially in the bitter moments in the second half. For the record, this is his fifth goal with Selangor FC. According to Nidzam Jamil, Haiqal Lau is always on the box at the right time, "Haiqal Lau always shows the right attitude, just like other players. He was always in the box at the right time and because of that, the goal was scored."

He also dedicated the goal to his teammate, Faisal Halim who is still in the recovery phase, "#SFCKDA yesterday was a fierce match, both teams gave their best and luck was in our favour. Alhamdulillah, I was able to score this goal and this is my gift to Mickey (Faisal Halim).”

  1. The combination of the defensive line and Samuel Somerville, the goalkeeper, brought victory without conceding.

Praise must be given to the defensive line that has nullified the attacks of the opposing team, especially the Man Of The Match, Safuwan Baharudin who is always in the right position and time to prevent the ball from going through the goal. Likewise, Selangor FC's goalkeeper, Samuel Somerville, has performed well and achieved a record 14th game without conceding since the 2022 season.

However, yesterday's win was not complete without the Red Giants fans who flooded the MBPJ Stadium to keep behind the team. Thank you, Red Giants..

Selangor FC hopes that this victory will to some extent help the team to remain strong through the Malaysian League competition in the 2024/25 season. Come on Red Giant!

Demi Kebanggaan!