Match Review FA R16 | Selangor FC 4-0 Negeri Sembilan FC | Moving to Quarterfinal

Selangor FC qualified for the 2024/25 FA Cup Quarter Finals with a 4-0 win against Negeri Sembilan FC (NSE) at MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya yesterday.

The two goals of the first half were scored by Yohandry Orozco in the 6th and 14th minutes. Meanwhile, the last two goals were scored in the second half by Alvin Fortes in the 45th and 67th minutes of the match.

According to Nidzam Jamil, Head Coach of Selangor FC, happy with yesterday's victory and satisfied with the attitude and commitment from the players.

"For me, in this FA Cup competition, whatever positive result qualifies the team to the next round, we are happy with this win. The result without conceding is also good, it is clear that the players understand the way we all dream of playing,"

"Furthermore, I am satisfied with the commitment and attitude displayed, especially the players who are not in the starting line-up such as Quentin Cheng, Haiqal Lau and Muhammad, they showed the same seriousness in this match as what they showed in the training session." praise Nidzam Jamil.

From the #SFCNSE match in the FA Cup Round 16 yesterday, some important things can be seen, such as:-

The players are accompanied by their fathers during the march in

In conjunction with Father's Day today, Selangor FC has taken the initiative to realise the club's dream to see the players accompany their fathers during the match march in and our gratitude for always being there in almost every game to see their son play. This planning has received very good cooperation from the players themselves. Likewise the players on the bench who allow their fathers to be accompanied by other players as a sign of family in the Red Giants camp. 

Four goals from a very exciting 'Build up'!?

The build up displayed by the players can be clearly seen from the accurate short passes from the defence to the 'final third' area and ended with an interesting pass before finishing with a goal. Each position played their role well and the team spirit was evident in yesterday's game. From the pattern of this game, it is clear that the way of playing applied by the Head Coach of Selangor FC, Nidzam Jamil, is clearly understood by the players and comes from a quality training. He also praised the substitute players he brought in who were showing a very good attitude on the field.

Alvin Fortes' first two goals!

The new import player for the 2024/25 season Alvin Fortes is one of the players who is well known during the pre-season in Thailand, the Selangor Asia Challenge and recently the tournament in Jakarta with his 'dribbling' skill and great passes. In yesterday's match, Fortes finally opened his account with not one but two official goals with Selangor FC in the Malaysian League competition 2024/25. Both goals clearly show the passing, 1 on 1 and shooting skills that he has.

Excellent Yohandry Orozco, 2nd MOTM

Yohandry Orozco, the Red Giants import who always produces something in every game. He is one of those who have contributed a lot especially when attacking to become a scorer and player who did assists in the team. For the record, he was Man of The Match twice in a row for the match against Negeri Sembilan FC in the Super League and FA Cup 2024/25 after successfully scoring and also assisting a goal in both of these actions. 

An interesting pairing of Defensive lineup

The defensive line has performed brilliantly in stopping the attacks and the fast movement of the forwards of the NSE team. The combination of Safuwan Baharuddin and Harith Haiqal in the centre back, Sharul Nazeem as right defender and Fazly Mazlan in left defender, has eliminated dangerous attacks especially Takumi Sasaki who is very cunning in attacking. Likewise, Quentin Cheng and Zikri Khalili who performed their duties brilliantly as substitutes on the right and left sides of the defence in the second half. 

However, credit must go to all the players who qualified the team for the 2024/25 FA Cup Quarter Finals with a 4-0 win at home, the MBPJ Stadium. 

Not to forget, the Red Giants supporters who also filled the stadium with Red and Yellow colours yesterday to give strong support to the team even though the holiday for Hari Raya Haji has already started. In addition, we highly praise the attitude of keeping our home, MBPJ Stadium clean. A million thanks for the attitude of taking care of our stadium continuously.

Selangor FC management congratulates the team for qualifying for the 2024/25 FA Cup Quarter Finals. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Father's Day and a Happy Eid Adha.

Demi Kebanggan!