Match Review LS4 | Selangor FC 2-1 Perak FC | The Red Giants Climb To 2nd In The 2024/25 Super League

Selangor FC are now 2nd in the Super League after recording three wins in a row after defeating Perak FC with a 2-1 result at the MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya yesterday.

Yesterday was the third consecutive victory in the 2024/25 Super League competition. New import striker, Ronnie Fernandez, scored both goals in the 24th and 40th minutes of yesterday's #SFCPRK match.?In addition, according to the statistics, the Red Giants dominated the match with 52% ball possession, 84% pass accuracy, 8 attempts and 5 corner kicks.

Nidzam Jamil, the Head Coach of the Red Giants, is thankful to the team due to their full commitment even though they only played with 10 players for most of the second half, "We are satisfied with the commitment of the players because it is not easy to get a win when playing with 10 on the field and against a team that plays with 10 is not easy either. Football is not only about tactics but also the commitment and desire of the players to win this match.” he explained after the #SFCPRK match yesterday.

From yesterday's #SFCPRK match, some important things are worth noting, such as:-

  1. Ronnie Fernandez was named Man of The Match with his two goals

Selangor FC's two goals yesterday evening were scored by Ronnie Fernandez as a result of his quick action and calmly slotting the ball in after the opposition tried to save their goal from Safuwan Baharudin's header, as well as a free kick in the 40th minute of the match, thus making him the Man of the Match of The Match for the #SFCPRK match. So far, he has scored three goals with the Gergasi Merah squad.

  1. The commitment of young players in the second half became a mention

According to Nidzam Jamil, the commitment of the young players is something to proud of, "Playing with 10 players is not an easy situation but after sub in the young players, Danial Asri, Mukhairi Ajmal, Syahir Bashah and Zikri Khalili, they have shown their commitment by increasing the defensive strength and also offence. The situation in the Selangor FC camp is very healthy, all the players will be given the opportunity they deserve if they continue to compete and give good games like this.”

The management of Selangor FC would like to thank the 10,111 supporters who attended the #SFCPRK match yesterday. The atmosphere of yesterday's match was also one of the most lively so far. Continue with your support and fill the stadium in every game.

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