The Official Launch Of The SFC Third Kit 2024/25

Selangor Football Club (Selangor FC) has officially launched the third jersey or 3rd Kit 2024/25 digitally on all official Selangor FC social media platforms, last night.

This jersey is themed "Wear Joma" in conjunction with celebrating the fifth anniversary of cooperation with the international clothing brand, Joma, as the official clothing sponsor of Selangor FC since 2019, which is also the first sponsor of the club under the patronage of DYTM Tengku Amir Shah Ibni Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al -Haj as the president of the club.

Blue being chosen as the main colour, this 2024/25 kit 3rd jersey signifies unity, trust and loyalty between the Red Giants club and the Joma brand. Selangor FC greatly appreciates the cooperation provided by Joma from season to season. In addition, the jersey is also worn with a touch of 'Rose Gold' colour used on the logo of Selangor FC, Joma and the sponsors which symbolises the elegance and elegance of each SFC and Joma jersey when worn by everyone.

Like the Home and Away jerseys for the 2024/25 season, the 3rd Kit jerseys are also released with the Joma Elite, Replica (formerly known as 'Player Issue') and 'Fans Issue' collections. For the Joma Elite collection this time the design is in the shape of an eagle inspired by the old symbol of the Joma company which means danger, strength, speed and superiority possessed when wearing the brand's products, in line with their target in producing sports goods for consumers.

In addition, one of the differences on this jersey is the '5 Years Together' logo which looks like the club logo along with the Joma logo in the shape of a 'J' inside located behind the collar which symbolises the close collaboration between Selangor FC and Joma since 2019. Throughout the collaboration this year, Joma has produced 18 types of jerseys for the Red Giants club including Home, Away, 3rd kit jerseys for each season as well as two special edition jerseys in 2021 and 2022.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Selangor FC, Dr. Johan Kamal Hamidon explained that this jersey was specially designed to appreciate Joma for their fifth year of collaboration with the Gergasi Merah club, "Joma has been with Selangor FC since 2019 until now. We are very grateful for their long cooperation with the Merah Kuning club. Joma always strives to achieve our ambitions at Selangor FC in producing quality jerseys that we often associate with the comfort of supporters and players. If we look, from season to season they renew the quality of the products produced like this year with the Elite collection that uses woven fabrics and modern technology. Therefore, we have chosen the 3rd kit jersey this season specially for Joma as a sign of appreciation for their collaboration and hard work."

The management of Selangor FC hopes that Joma can continue to provide the best cooperation with the Merah Kuning club for future releases. 

Get the official Selangor FC x Joma 3rd Kit jersey for the 2024/25 season at a price of RM249.00 (Elite) and RM149.00 (Replica), not including a 10% discount with the use of a team card at the SFC Popup Store located at the MBPJ Stadium today starts at 10 am until the end of the match or get it on the official website

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