Match Review FA QF2 | Selangor FC 3-2 Kuching City FC [Agg. 4-4] (Pen. 5-3) | Through to the Semi Finals!

Selangor FC advanced to the 2024/25 FA Cup Semi-Finals after a dramatic 5-3 penalty shootout victory against Kuching City FC at the MBPJ Stadium in Kelana Jaya yesterday.

The Red Giants squad lost by one goal after returning from the Sarawak State Stadium last week, obviously the team is looking for a win. Playing over 120 minutes, Selangor FC managed to score three goals before the match ended with a penalty kick. The two goals of the first half were scored by Zikri Khalili in the 26th minute and Alvin Forted in the 38th minute. Then, in the second half, Alvin Fortes once again scored in the 114th minute of the match. However, the match continued with extra time after Kuching City tied the score with an aggregate of 4-4. 

The Red Giants managed to survive with nine players on the field during the second extra time, after two players were sent off. A thrilling penalty shoot-out ended with a 5-3 result, through the team captain, Safuwan Baharudin, Haiqal Lau, Syahir Bashah, Izwan Yuslan and Harith Haiqal successfully qualifying the team to the 2024/25 FA Cup Semi-Finals.

According to Selangor FC Head Coach, Nidzam Jamil, this dramatic victory is the result of their hard work, "This is football. Every minute there is a thrilling element and their hard work on the field can be felt. For me, the players have given one hundred percent of their efforts to get this victory. They played for the supporters who filled the MBPJ Stadium yesterday. I am very grateful to the players, especially those who performed in the second half. They defended well with only nine players on the field, it's a very difficult situation, I pray until the end of the game that the players can perform well. I can feel their will to get success in every game. All this is their effort. Kudos to them.” Nidzam Jamil expressed his feelings.

From the #SFCKUC match in the FA Cup Quarter Final yesterday, some important things can be seen, such as:-

Not giving up attitude despite playing with only 9 players

Yesterday's match Selangor FC had to play with nine players after two players were given red cards. Although the match went to extra time after the match ended in a draw, the players defended very well to prevent the opposition from scoring the winning goal. Not only defended but also scored several tries despite the lack of two players. After successfully defending, the match advanced to the penalty shootout. Team captain, Safuwan Baharudin became the first penalty kick taker along with four young players namely Haiqal Lau, Syahir Bashah, Izwan Yuslan and Harith Haiqal which ended with a 5-3 victory.

Safuwan Baharudin is a top-class player

The team captain, Safuwan Baharudin has taken his responsibilities as the team leader, not only performing well to prevent the opposing team's attempts to break through the defensive line but he also managed to control the emotions of other players, whether imported players or young players. Although he was unwell yesterday, Safuwan played till the end of the penalty shootout and was the first penalty scorer for the Red Giants.

According to Nidzam Jamil, "Safuwan set a very good example for his younger brothers, being the first player to take a penalty to reduce the tension and tension of the situation. He is like an assistant coach on the field. He is able to control the emotions of other players to produce a good performance and in time he himself performs well. For me, Safuwan is a high-class player."

Good performance by Samuel Somerville

In addition to the determination of the other players, Selangor FC's goalkeeper, Samuel or Sam should also be praised. He saved the team's goal very well yesterday despite conceding two goals. He managed to nullify several 1v1 attempts by Kuching City FC's attack line during more than 120 minutes of action. 

Alvin Fortes continues to hone his skills in the FA Cup

Alvin Fortes has once again scored twice in two FA Cup 2024/25 games. His two goals have given high hopes to the Red Giants team and supporters when his first goal in the 38th minute managed to level the score, while the second goal in the 114th minute put Selangor FC in lead despite having to settle for an aggregate result of 4- 4. This season, Fortes has brought a new colour in the attack from the surplus he has capable of threatening the opposition. 

Nidzam Jamil wants to continue supporting Fortes' efforts, "I will always support him. Alvin himself as an attacking player definitely wants to score goals in every game but this is football. As long as he works hard and trusts his teammates to always have his back, I will continue to support him. Alvin is an important player for the Selangor FC team in the 2024/25 season.”

None other than you, Red Giants fans.

The management of Selangor FC with the approval of the Head Coach, Nidzam Jamil agreed to present the Man of The Match (MOTM) to the Merah Kuning supporters. Without their voice and enthusiasm in supporting the team from the first minute of the match until the end of the match, at the same time seeing the team successfully advance to the Semi-Final round. The echoing sound at the MBPJ Stadium, Kelana Jaya would not have happened without you all! Your voice is an inspiration to the players. Thank you, we say.

The FA Cup 2024/25 Semi-Final competition will be held in a home-away format. Selangor FC will meet the close rivals, Terengganu FC at the Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin Stadium for the first match which is likely to take place on 20 July.

The management of Selangor FC congratulates the team, our praise goes to all the players. The club would not have qualified for the 2024/25 FA Cup Semi-Finals without the passion and hard work of the players.

Demi Kebanggaan!