Selangor Are Champions of Piala Emas Raja-Raja 100th Edition

Piala Emas Raja-Raja 100th Edition

Selangor's young team was crowned as champions of the 100th edition of the Piala Emas Raja-Raja after defeating PDRM 3-2 after extra time at the MBPJ Stadium yesterday.

Selangor's young striker, Adim Muzahhir scored the opening goal in the 3rd minute of the match. PDRM then equalized in the 22nd minute to make the scoreline 1-1 before half time. In the second half, PDRM took the lead in the 59th minute before Amirul Haziq scored the equalizer from a free kick given in the 73rd minute. In extra time, Nazrin Nasir headed in Selangor's winning goal in the 119th minute and thus was named as the Best Player in the Final match of Piala Emas Raja-Raja 2022. 

According to Shaiful Nizam, the team's Head Coach, the commitment and quality of each player is the main factor in the team's success in winning the 100th edition of the Piala Emas Raja-Raja 2022.

"The success of the team is from the desire of the players themselves because they wanted to create history. For 25 years, Selangor has not lifted this cup, so they are determined to perform well collectively, especially the team captain, Hariz Mansor, who inspired the team in every game. Alhamdulillah, it is our rezeki to lift the 100th edition of the Piala Emas Raja-Raja. This cup is also special as a tribute for the late Yusni Idrus who is always in our hearts.

The commitment and quality of the players is incredible. Even though they faced a team that fielded older players, they performed with maturity and the courage they displayed to compete was amazing," praised Shaiful Nizam.

The Selangor team has performed brilliantly since the start of the Piala Emas Raja-Raja  tournament. Read more here.

Selangor FC congratulates the players, coaches and team officials for successfully winning the 100th special edition of the Piala Emas Raja-Raja in 2022. Hopefully this experience will help the young players of the Red Giants for the future.

Demi Kebanggaan.