OFFICIAL : Syahir Bashah Is RED!

Syahir Bashah is officially announced today as the latest local player to be signed for the Red Giants that will play in the Malaysian Super League for the 2022 season. 
Born in Ipoh, Perak, he just recently started his professional football career two years ago with Perak FC II and was then promoted to the senior team last season for 12 matches.

Syahir attracted the attention of Selangor FC head coach, Michael Feichtenbeiner with his performances in the Super League and Malaysia Cup last season, which was enough to convince Michael to get him to join the Red Giants for the upcoming season.

"During the season, Syahir has displayed very exciting performances throughout his journey with his former team, especially against Selangor FC in the Malaysia Cup last season.

"He can play various positions in midfield but Syahir signed Selangor FC to focus on being a winger.

"I'm sure if we can guide this player, he will be able to make an impact on the team, especially on the wing. I believe he has good and interesting skills to showcase with the team," explained Michael.

Selangor FC welcomes Syahir Bashah to the team and we hope he can strengthen the Red Giants' wing line up for the Malaysian League this season.
Syahir is the seventh latest player to be introduced to the main team after Selangor FC introduced Samuel Somerville, Yazan Al-Arab, Baha' Abdelrahman, Zahril Zabri, Fazly Mazlan  and Herlison Caion recently.

Good luck, Syahir!

Stay tuned to Selangor FC's social media to get the latest info on the team's preparations for next season.

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